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Australian made targets for Hunters, Target shooters, Government agencies and law enforcement since 2006. Made by professional engineers with 40 years experience in metal manufacturing. Aussie targets are engineered to give long, trouble free, service with minimum care and maintenance. We aim to deliver targets that present a range of challenges from proven designs or we can manufacture from your sketches.


Draw and fire 5 shots at steel plates that are arranged in 8 standardised stages. Each stage is shot 5 times in succession. Fastest four times of each stage are carried forward. The shooter's score on each stage is the time it takes to hit all 5 plates. If any plates are not hit,
a time pentalty is added. A very fast shooting and exciting match results.

Plates Required:

Circular, 12 inch Dia and 10 inch Dia

Rectangular, 24 inches x 18 inches

We produce these plates in either 10mm thick 500BHN armour or 12mm thick mild steel. We will produce single plates or multiples, as required.
We also produce sleeves and bases to support the columns and plates.

Plates are supported from wooden columns, usually 100mm square and 1500mm high.
Plates are suspended on the column from a sleeve which holds the plate clear of the woodwork,
ensureing a clear, ringing sound when hit. Our sleeves feature a shock absorbing spring construction, which not only holds the plate clear but absorbs the impact of shot strike. Fewer bent or broken bolts during a match.
BASES feature three point ground contact to provide a rock solid support for the wooden column, particularly important on uneven ground. 500mm Sq footprint.

TARGET complete with 100 x 100mm wooden column.


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